4 Tips for people looking for new job opportunities during the pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has had the global economy in its clutches and has consequently made it difficult for job seekers looking to start their career. The situation has inadvertently affected many businesses across various industries. Millions have lost their source of livelihood as a result of the dwindling economy. Small scale businesses have also been forced to close due to the pandemic. Large businesses have also been affected and have lost businesses because of disrupted and uneven distribution/supply chain. Tradesmen and enterprises big and small, have had to respond to this pandemic with lay-offs, salary cuts, freezing hiring, extended working hours, etc.

Despite all such adversities, there is still hope for people looking for employment. Some companies are still proactively hiring and have job openings for various positions. There are active vacancies in marketing, sales, and data entry jobs. There’s an uncertainty about how the things will be in future but one must stay positive and keep looking for job opportunities that suit them the best. If you are looking for re-employment opportunities or are a fresher looking for a career-starter opportunity, here are some suggestions:

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  • Start Networking – This is the best way to stay updated on available job opportunities or the upcoming ones. People understand that these are difficult times and are more likely to help others. You should let people, including friends and family, know that you’re actively searching for jobs. Don’t just tell them that you’re looking for a job but also let them know about what type of job you’re looking for – whether you’re looking for full time jobs or part time jobs and if you have a target company let them know that too. We are blessed with the internet and the networking tools it provides. Make the most of the networking sites like LinkedIn to find and connect with the right people that you think can help you find the right job and can guide you in your professional journey. Do not hesitate to reach out to people (in positions of authority) if you see an opening in their company. Even if they aren’t hiring, you can reach out to them as they’re in the industry and can recommend you to others
  • Actively search for jobs online – There are a lot of job portals available online. There’s a new job opening everyday there. Keep looking for and applying at these companies. Random applications might help you land a great opportunity.
  • Showcase your skills – There is a lot of competition when it comes to jobs. It is important that you showcase your skills that are relevant for the targeted company. Add your work links and portfolio in your resume. Let recruiters know how your skills can help the company grow. Leverage your resume and cover letter with an impressive write up to catch the attention of the recruiters.
  • Take up Gigs – Lap up any temporary gig opportunities to have a steady flow of income, while you’re looking for a permanent job. If the company likes your work, they might offer a full time job as well. There is a lot of work from home jobs available these days as well. Employers are looking for people who are self disciplined, organized, efficient and have great communication skills to communicate with clients and colleagues remotely.
  • Customization – One must customize their resume and cover letter as per the requirements of the companies and job roles they’re applying for. It surely is a long process but is totally worth it. Most of the resumes get rejected due to the absence of customization and an overflow of irrelevant information.

  • Prepare for interviews – Due to the pandemic, most job interviews are happening via phone calls or video calls instead of the usual face to face option. So, it is important that you are comfortable and confident on the call and a good amount of preparation and practice can lead to your interview success.
  • Be flexible – These have been difficult times and have taught us that we must be prepared for any ups and downs in life. You shouldn’t be too rigid about your job requirement or the remuneration. You must be flexible to take up any opportunity that comes your way given that it has the promise of a potential growth in the future!