A Guide to International School Singapore

International School in Singapore is a well-established K-12 international school that provides a holistic, excellent, and economical education to students aged 3 to 18. Our educational concept has been built on the Chatsworth mission to ‘Inspire, Educate, and Enlighten’ since 1995. We provide the three core programmes of the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum as an IB school. International schools in Singapore tailored learning method in a supportive environment that recognises each individual’s unique talents.

Our school’s distinctness

international schools in singapore

  • Accept students of all countries because we are a varied and international school.
  • Celebrate internationalism and diversity as an internationally recognised IB school. British, American, Japanese, Indian, Australian, and French students make up the majority of the student body.
  • Our International School has a small EAL population of around 12-15 percent, which is supported by competent native English speakers.
  • Our class sizes are generally small at International Schools, with the following maximum teacher-to-student ratio:

                                                   2::22 (K1 & K2)

                                                    2::24 (Y1-Y2)

                                                    1:24 (Y3-13)

New students are assigned a buddy on their first day of school in our welcoming and supportive school atmosphere to help them feel at ease. During the first few days at school, the buddy is a fellow student from the same homeroom who works as a guide and support for the new student. international schools in singapore help students integrate as quickly as possible into the school community.

From academics to character development to cultivating a compassionate spirit, our students will discover a plethora of opportunities to grow and become the greatest at whatever they do.

Discover and pursue their interests

Our children and their learning rely on our school spirit and welcoming environment. They are some of our distinguishing characteristics, and our community actively supports them. One of our main goals is to actively promote our school spirit and ethos to increase student learning to ensure that we nurture our school identity.

Learning through Service

The creation of caring global citizens who are responsible, polite, and compassionate is one of the primaries aims of education. Service-learning is an important aspect of our International School’s curriculum to achieve this goal.

Service-learning begins in the classroom and continues thereafter. Service entails interaction, such as forming relationships with individuals or groups in the community, which could include our school, the local district, or national or regional levels. Service-learning helps students to apply their academic knowledge and abilities to real-world community issues both within and outside of the classroom. Outside of the school, service activities are carried out in collaboration with partner organisations.