Best Courses To Learn English In Singapore

Around 340 million people in the entire world speak the English language. After Mandarin and Spanish, English is the third widely spoken language in Singapore from the business point of you. It helps you achieve the academic process and takes your career to the highest peak. People have busy schedules; therefore, various sites offer courses in conversation and business English to enhance your English skills.

One of the best sites to learn english in singapore is English explorer. It offers various courses to help you read, write, listen, and speak with confidence. The Oxford University of London acknowledges their syllabus, and teachers are certified in TESLO AND CELTA. Knowing English escalates your chance of getting a job in an international company and enhances your vocabulary.

Learn English In Singapore

Courses offered by them

Courses they offer to learn English in Singapore are-

  1. Courses for adults will start by making you learn some useful skills and then train you to master them. They have a business English course which will help you to work in an environment of English language. Anyone can join this course who wants to refresh and sharpen their communication skills or those who want to speak English with accuracy and confidence.
  2. Courses for children- More focus speed on children to build their confidence speaking skills thinking ability. They have the facility of TOEFL course which is most brightly used English language test included in more than 9000 universities colleges and other institutions.
  3. Trial and trial classes are organized online and offline for beginners, pre-intermediate, intermediate, and advanced levels. They also have training for IELTS preparation courses.

Importance of learning English

  1. International communication- English is the official language of around 53 countries and is spoken by 400 million people or around the globe. It is the most widely used third language in the world.
  2. Access to the entertainment world- various tv shows, movies, music, and books are produced and published in English.
  3. Browse internet-English is known as the language of the internet around 565 million people corporate internet every day, and 52% of the world’s most visited website is in the English language.
  4. Language of business- chance become necessary English to enter the business world. Various researches show that English is used to ask cross-border communication language for business purposes.

Now you know everything you want to know about the courses you may opt for your good.