Formula On How To Write An Argumentative Essay

A lot of people state that argumentative essays are hard to compose. It is not a false statement. Argumentative essays need to follow a structure. Otherwise, the content can fall apart, and your points will not seem to do their job. Thus, how to write an argumentative essay has always been a top search. So let us debunk it together.

How to compose an argumentative essay?

The structure of the argumentative essay is its most crucial part. You cannot leave any gap while at it. And there is a strict formula to do so. Before you move forward with the formula, you need to decide which side of the argument you are going to pick. You need to do your research and find the supporting statements according to the side you pick. You cannot go for both neither can you change midway into the essay. Thus, this is how to write an argumentative essay:

  1. Introduction – You need to introduce your topic. It should not be too short or too long. You need to frame the sentences in a way that will give away enough information without boring the reader.
  2. Research – The next paragraph will be stating facts about your topic. Its norms and impact, if any. this is the concrete pillar of your essay where you make the reader keep reading further. You grab the attention of the readers through this part of your essay.
  3. Provide evidence – Now comes the backbone of the essay, the proofs. In this portion, you need to cite the sources. Reading or going through several research papers on the related topic can help you with this part. Some authentic and valuable sources can be found in library archives or straight from the books.
  4. Counterattack – You need to put the counterattack statements in support of your essay. It means, if you are choosing to write in support of the topic, you need to write the reasons for it. The same goes if you are writing against the chosen topic.
  5. Objective – The objective part of the argumentative essay is an optional cause. You can choose not to put this. It explains the motive behind your essay.

If you divide the essay into these four or five parts, it will get easy for you to compose it. And also help you to keep a firm structure of the essay. Thus, readers will find it engaging.