Why should you opt for the CPD course?

The cea cpd courses for day/night classes for realtors, presented at C&H, is intended to give salespersons a report on the most recent approaches, information, and abilities necessary to succeed in the land business.

General information

The Continuing Professional Development (CPD) structure means working with salespersons to stay up to date with the most recent changes in approaches and systems connected with the property exchange process and guarantee that they are furnished with the essential information and range of abilities to flourish in the new advanced climate. It is likewise an essential condition for the re-establishment of permitting and enlistment. Under the new CPD system, KEOs and salespersons are expected to accumulate at least six CPD credits for every CPD cycle. The CPD cycle for every year begins in October and closes in September of the following year.

The six CPD credits should contain four CPD credits from courses connected with Professional Competencies and two CPD credits from courses connected with Generic Competencies. CEA will allow CPD credits for courses under the Professional Competencies, and KEOs will concede CPD credits for courses under the Generic Competencies. The system incorporates a more organized way to deal with guiding salespersons in accomplishing further specialized information and a range of abilities to perform obligations in various portions of the property market.

Why should you opt for the CPD course

Recent updates

By the necessities of CEA, members are expected to turn on their camcorders all through the web-based course, showing their whole faces continuously with their complete names until the coach/speaker has finished the meeting. Participation by members who neglect to do so won’t be perceived by the CPD course suppliers and won’t be accorded CPD credits.

Members’ photos or previews of the web-based course meetings, showing the faces and complete names, everything being equal, will be given by the CPD course suppliers to CEA during review investigations.


The Estate Agents (Licensing and Registration) Regulations further mention that completing CPD hours requires licensing/registration renewal. Their registration will be impacted by non-compliance, which could result in their removal from the Public Register.

The purpose of the CPD requirement is to ensure that KEOs and Salespersons have the requisite professional knowledge for estate agency work and are constantly improving by staying up to date with any changes in governmental regulations and practices for real estate transactions. CEA heavily stresses the essential subjects since they enhance the KEOs’ and salespeople’s professional performance. Additionally, CEA wants to encourage all KEOs and RESs to consider using e-learning for their CPD training.