Tips for choosing the best kindergarten schools in Singapore

A significant turning point in both the child’s and parents’ lives as parents is sending the child to kindergarten. Giving one’s kids a head start in school is vital to let them experience a changing experience. It will significantly impact how successful they are in the future. As a result, the parents must choose the best kindergarten and first-grade curriculum for their child. It may be tempting to choose an expensive school, but it does not work that way. Here are some factors one should consider before choosing kindergarten schools in singapore.

  1. The curriculum and teaching methods

Look carefully at the curriculum, program, and teaching techniques of the kindergarten one is considering. Preschools that use an academic curriculum frequently favor a method that places a strong emphasis on finishing worksheets. A play-based curriculum focuses on the idea that kids learn best through play. So, kids spend some time exploring and participating in open-ended activities. It has been found that using a play-based approach gives kids more chances to engage with one another and develop their social skills.

kindergarten schools in singapore

  1. Experience of the teacher

All preschool instructors in Singapore need to hold (at the very least) a diploma or a certificate in childhood education. However, credentials are just the start of the educator’s journey. Through ongoing professional development, teachers who use innovative teaching techniques may set themselves apart from those who cling to more conventional approaches.

  1. Approach to discipline

As a parent, one may be aware that kids can make mistakes and have conflicts with their friends because it is a normal part of growth and learning. One must learn how the preschool one likes can handle these behaviors by investigating the following.

  1. When they misbehave, are kids given “time-outs” and other forms of discipline?
  2. Are they urged to settle disputes on their own?
  3. Do educators aid in the mediation of disputes?
  1. Progress of the child

Parents frequently ignore this element, but it is significant once the semester has begun. Inquire about any particular learning and development goals the preschool has for the child when evaluating preschools. Then, learn how these objectives are evaluated. The child’s progress should be routinely monitored and reported by the school, with any problem areas promptly highlighted.

So, one should always consider these factors when choosing between the various kindergarten schools in Singapore.