Best Things To Know About WSQ Courses In Singapore

Workforce Skills Qualification or the WSQ courses are the types of qualifications that are nationally recognized. The WSQ system is the national credentialing system where it is mainly designed to develop, train, assess as well as certify the skills and competencies of the adult workers. Some of the important facts about the wsq courses in singapore have been discussed in this article.

Top features to know about the WSQ course in Singapore


  1. This course is mainly a competency-based system. This is mainly designed to develop job-specific skills as well as competencies. This course helps to develop some generic skills as well as competencies that are mainly required across job roles.
  2. There are no academic requirements for joining this course. This course also recognizes earlier learning, which includes work experience and credentials. This course is also available in bite-sized modules.
  3. This course has available skills as well as qualification pathways that mainly align with the skills framework for different sectors.wsq courses in singapore

Top benefits offered by the WSQ courses in Singapore


This course is mainly beneficial for the below categories of people:



  1. This course is especially beneficial for those people who are mainly planning for a career. This is beneficial for those who mainly want to acquire new skills to enter a job role.
  2. The candidates who want to upgrade their skills as well as advance their career
  3. They mainly provide quality assured as well as industry-relevant training choices
  4. This course mainly helps in guiding in training as well as development planning
  5. The candidates can get clear training outcomes
  6. The candidates mainly help in developing as well as delivering the type of training programs which mainly meet industry needs
  7. The students will acquire qualifications and certifications which demonstrate their skill sets to prospective employers.
  8. The candidates can obtain portable credentials to improve their employability. This can help in improving mobility as well as helps in strengthening the in-house training capabilities

Whether the candidate is a seasoned professional or a beginner the WSQ course mainly provides a curriculum that is mainly designed for those who want to advance their career as well as to achieve their dream job. WSQ is a trusted credential in the workforce of Singapore today.

The WSQ course was mainly developed in association with local universities, industry, as well as community partners.

These are some of the important facts to know about WSQ courses in Singapore.