Tips on How to Cancel Job Interviews

You should not fail to turn up for a job interview as this is one of the factors that a job interviewer considers when rating applicants. Aside from showing up for the job interview, you should also show up early enough for the job interview so that you can be adequately settled before the job interview begins. Be that as it may, there are times you may not be able to show up for the interview due to situations beyond your control. In such a situation, you should find a way to communicate this to the interviewer.  You should cancel an interview fast long before the due date. In the course of this write-up, we will show you a couple of things to consider when canceling an interview

Give advanced notice

As much as possible, make sure you give the interviewer a long period of notice before the due date.  Some are of the opinion that you should give such a notice minimum of 24 hours before the time of the interview. Many employers consider it as rude to cancel an interview on the day of the interview.  However, there are certain situations and circumstances that may force the job seeker to do this.  As much as possible, you should send the notification minimum of 24 hours before the date.  If you send the notification early, then there is a great chance that the cancelation will be appreciated and approved by the interview. This will also make it possible to get a reschedule.

How to Cancel Job Interviews

Give an acceptable reason

When canceling an interview, you should always give the interviewers a genuine reason for canceling the interview.  You should also be as honest as possible and avoid lying since they may find you out.  The reason provided should be as brief as possible also. The interviewer can only consider rescheduling if your reason is acceptable.   Even while it is good to provide honest reasons for canceling the interview, you should still avoid providing too many personal details.

Ask for rescheduling

If you are still interested in the job, you should not forget to ask for rescheduling in the interview cancelation notification. You should sound very polite while making this request. Ask politely that the interviewers contact you about the new date for the interview.  In the same vein, you can include the period during which you will be available for the interview in the notice for cancelation. The interviewers may be willing to work with your date.

Bear in mind that employers and interviewers are very busy set of people.  They, therefore, will not have a lot of time to dedicate to the interview. You should, therefore, avoid telling long stories in the cancelation notice. You should always cut out the details where possible and go straight to the point.